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About This Page

This is my homepage, dedicated both to art and science. Art, because here I'll show you my works in astrophotography and normal photography. Science too, because as a researcher and software developer, I'll share here with you some of my work, and outreach matherial in the image processing field.

My interests

  • AstrophotographyWide field and with small telescopes. See the marvells of the universe with another eyes.
  • Image ProcessingMy research is focused right now in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping with MRI, but also other image reconstruction and restoration problems, like noise reduction, deconvolution and undersampled reconstruction.
  • PixInsight DevelopmentAs a member of its development team, I write the source code of some of its processing tools. Here you'll find a few modules in beta stage.

What’s New


2015 Update
General update.


2014 Update
Now the research section has information on my published papers and downloads of development processing modules for PixInsight.

My Astrophotography

My philosophy doing astrophotography is not just producing nice pictures. I want them to be different. To provoque, to reach new results, to see something unseeing before. I hope you like them too, but mostly, I want them to impact you. This is my goal.

Image processing plays a key role here. While I try to be always thrustfull to the collected data (no manipulation or edition by retouching procedures), I believe that new image processing algorithms and procedures allows us to reveal new details or new approaches to the objects. Here, I'll show you my experiments, exploring those new paths.

Coming Soon


EPIC 2015
This year's European PixInsight Conference will be extraordinary! Most probably in the second half of october, in Munich, Germany. More details soon.