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About Me

I have studied Astronomy and Electrical Engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Now I'm a Ph.D. Student in Engineering Sciences.

Right now I work as assistant researcher at the Biomedical Imaging Center at the same university, and as software developer for Pleiades Astrophoto, the company behind PixInsight.

Imaging Location

2003 - 2011. Antilhue Observatory (Daniel Verschatse)

These years I was hosted by Daniel at his private observatory. See his homepage, and pictures of the place here: Antilhue Observatory

2011 – Today. Hacienda Los Andes (New Astrofarm Observatory, by Daniel Verschatse)

The Hacienda is located in Chile's fourth region, near the town of Rio Hurtado. Also, it is just a few miles away from Cerro Tololo Observatory. This place hosts several domes and platform, for rental, and provides housing and an international restaurant for guests. Check their homepage: Hacienda Los Andes

My Equipment


All the pictures here were made with my DSLRs. Currently I own a Canon T2i and a Canon 300D cameras, both spectrum enhanced (T2i with AstroDon filters, and the 300D with clear aberture).
Wide field images use either my Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, or a Canon 135mm f/2.5L (property of Daniel Verschatse). Daylight images uses either a Canon 17-55mm or a Sigma 70-300mm zoom lenses.


Prime focus images are done using a William Optics Megrez 110mm, working at f/4.9.
I own a CG5 mount that has been used for some of the wide-field images, but most of the work has been done over an Alt5 ADN mount with FS2 electronics (Daniel's), now at the Hacienda. I use an Orion SSA camera, and a Celestron 100mm f/5 refractor for guiding.

Image processing is done exclusivelly using PixInsight.