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oct.2015. European PixInsight Conference, Munich, Germany

From beginers to developers, this conference will have contents for everyone.

This year's EPIC is going to include a developer's course, an intensive workshop, regular workshops and an open day for people to show own theyr techniques, scripts or modules. Stay tunned for more information, and don't miss it.

To get an idea, see last year's site: EPIC 2014

News Archive

26.02.2015. More Updates

Update of the contents. News for 2015, expanded research section and a draft of the outreach section with a few presentations from old congresses. An expansion of the galleries to include daylight images is also underway.

07.01.2014. Updates

Now the Research section includes a paper I published, and all the non-standard development modules that I have wrote for PixInsight. In the future I'll include there more Research documents, and a few Matlab codes that might be of some interest.
Also, the News and About sections were updated. There is a new PixInsight Workshop this february, that is worth visiting if you are in the southern cone.

19.07.2013. New homepage

Today I uploaded a long delayed update to my homepage. The old site remains, since it comprisses all my works in my analog era. This new site will show only a small selection of those works, and all my digital works. Also, this site will have renewed articles about astronomical image processing, and will start a new outreach series in the image processing field. I'll upload here all the presentations I've made for congresses, and some other events.
But this site is not only about astrophotography. It will have some daylight pictures, from some of my astronomical trips, nature, and other interestig views inside our own planet. Additionally, I'll use this site as a platform to show my current research and software development lines, publications, source code and working modules.